I have a friend who totally got all the hair cut [Groomed as he puts it] of his bitch cavalier, as he thought she was too hot, the poor thing looked dreadfull, i thought you were not supposed to groom this breed to this extent, and it upsets me when i see his dog go through it year after year.

is there a guidline to this breed and grooming or is it just personal preferance?

personally i wouldnt ruin thier fur / coat by doing this to them as now the dogs coat is ruined and when it does grow back it looks bad even when brushed.

I tidy my dogs ears and clip thier thumb nails myself but after seeing his dog i would never trust a grooming salon, as he told me he asked for a trim, this dog was sheered like a sheep.

i am interested on your thoughts on this, sorry if it has been discussed before.

PS, my dogs no longer wear clothes, as my kids were getting embarraced!!!!!