Last year when Cloe was pregnant, i spent a whole weekend on the pc researching what i needed and how to prepare, i was disapointed not to find exactly what i was looking for, no pictures, not one Irish site with help, i had to rely on Evylin and my vet, not bad but getting calls at 2am as i didnt know what to do about a still born can be upsetting, when you doubt yourself adn wonder was there anything i could have done. [in this case there wasnt]

I was not prepaires for the texture of the bag that encased the pups, as when she delivered teh first pup, she legged it and my son had to get her back, i was shaking, didnt know what to do....... with the help of a frind on the phone i tore into the bag, got pup out and resussitated it like the mother should have done.....

The birthing went on far longer then i expected and i certainly didnt expect 6 of them!

This time, im ready and all is set for the big day, this weekend! we have our shifts set up so someone will be up with her incase something happens all weekend. im looking forward to it and hope it goes as smoothly as last time, as once i put the pup to feed she seemed to know then what to do, my heart went out to her as after pup 3 she was knackered, and slept for 2 days barly getting out of her nest to wee, we fed her in there also for the first couple of days.

It was an amazing experience, and im really looking forward to this. will let you all know if you like how it goes, hoping to get some more good shots this year!

anyone else got soem stories or experiences with Whelping?