It is my experience that Vets do everything in thier power to make you neuter your pet.

When i had Cloe and i told him i was going to breed he did everything in his power to talk me out of it, but now i ahve to say he is fully supportive and helpfull, but for someone not as strong as me im sure would ahve given in to teh pressure.

I understand you ahve to do your homework when breeding these dogs, as i did, but its worth it, i think vets put too much pressure on neutering, even if i wasnt going to breed i do not think i would neuter.

My Max cannot be a father, but i will not neuter him, i think he is too sick and although anything that is wrong with him is not genetic i wont take teh risk, adn every season Cloes has, wee Max goes off on a holiday for 2 weeks. he loves it he goes and spends time with Cloe's best fiend and daughter also!

When my friend got his bitch Cavallier neutered she got fat lazy and stopped playing, adn now she has a heart problem and is a dull dog compared to mine, he feels angry as he puts this down to the neutering