Recently I have started a dog obedience class with Lady. Last week everyone had to come without their dogs for a talk. Yesterday, half the class brought their dogs while the other half observed.

It was not my week to bring Lady so i just watched. The first thing he wanted to show us was how to walk the dog on heal. Then he produced a choke chain and put it on one of the springer spaniels. He then showed us if you snap the chain the dog will obey the command. He said there was no pain for the dog, just a slight discomfort until they learn what to do.

I felt concerned about this and asked if they are also to be used on cavaliers. He said they can be used on any dog. I said that I thought a cavaliers neck was too delicate for this and he said it is not and that I am treating the dog like a baby and that i am not doing the dog any favours.

He said it was perfectly safe to use on any dog once used correctly.

I really dont know what to do. Lady will be brought in next week and i just dont think im comfortable putting one of those things on her.

Has anyone any suggestions as to what to do. Is this training valid.

Any comments gratefully received.