First, Scarlett has started shedding profusely. I think her shedding has increased 500%! She eats good food and looks healthy. Is this normal for the fall of the year? If so, when will she go back to normal? Also, she was spayed about 6 weeks ago. Could the change in horomone level cause this? If so, does anyone have advice? When I sweep the floor, I feel as if I am shoveling snow in a snow storm! I called the vet, but the nurse said not to worry unless she was losing big hunks or having bald spots. ( I was thinking thyroid.)

Second, we went to a Bark in the Park event yesterday, and Scarlett seemed to tire out after a few hours. She wasn't even interested in the other dogs after a while. Now, we were there several hours, and she is used to being pampered in an air conditioned house, but she is a young dog (7 1/2 months). The weather was rather warm. I know these dogs are bred to be spoiled house dogs, but I am a little worried. Does this sound like normal Cavalier behavior? She seems fine and perky again today? Maybe I am just used to bigger dogs who have more stamina. She is our first Cavalier, but we love her dearly!