I am working with a rescue in Cork to help home a petite little blenheim girl. It turns out she was found wandering in a shopping centre, in obvious pain, head down, very thin, with weak hind legs.

She was brought to the vet who said he believed she had been hit by a car. She now has a slight head tilt, and the leg weakness continued for a bit but has now vanished. By all accounts she is an outgoing, adorable girl, very affectionate. She sleeps more than usual, her foster home says.

Now: she could indeed have been the victim of a road traffic acccident, which would account for all these behaviours. She could have sustained some slight brain damage which causes her head to tilt (I had a cat that had similar problems after a road traffic accident).

Alternatively she may be showing early signs of syringomyelia (for more info: http://sm.cavaliertalk.com ), in which case she likely has a more severe form of this condition and it may progress quickly or not; it might stay just as she is now and she might have a full life with no need for intervention. Whatever the case, accident or not, she might lead a perfectly normal life or she might have a shortened life.

I feel that if she has SM or has been slightly brain damaged, she is worthy of as much happy time as she can have, in a loving home. However the adopting family would need to realise the uncertainty of her condition. I can give lots of support if she has SM -- there are some medical and surgical options.

So she needs a special home that is aware that she may face some challenges -- or she may never have any further problems.

I am seeing if I can get a picture of her; I've been told her first foster family who have a cavalier said she is really small compared to theirs.

If you are interested please PM me for further information or post here.