Rupert had a dreadful night last Thursday, couldn't settle and kept digging in the bedding. I dosed him up with homoeopathy, thinking it was his teeth, as he'd refused food and only eaten when I soaked it - not like him! He had that every 2 hours...and within a minute or so would settle.

I took him to the vets the next morning - he had had some vomiting and loose motions for the previous 24 hours, and the vet felt a round object which appeared to be moving through so he may have been in pain from that.

He also has a little urine dribbling, he is going to be x-rayed in case its bladder stones, also have his prostate checked {although it may be due to the Syringomyelia}. He has two teeth which need to come out, they are causing him pain, so will have it all done at the same time. He's going to have blood tests to check liver and kidney function too - he was 9 in June, so I want to make sure things are ok.

Last night, he was really worrying at his penis, and I noticed some pus coming from it. I rang the vets this morning, and they started him on anitbiotics, and are going to investigate tomorrow.

The great news is that his heart is still clear! icon_banana

Please could you think positive thoughts for the wee fellow in the morning? I'll let you know when we have any news....