I'm surprised to hear that so many of the cavs are barkers! Cedar hardly barks at all. She is young yet, though, so perhaps that will change. She knows how to bark. She barks at her chew bone. it's the craziest thing. she paws at it, barks and growls, bites it and throws it in the air, and then starts all over! She will give a quick bark if you ignore her too. But barking is her second choice. To get your attention, she will sit and blow air out her nose as if she's sneezing. I think when she really did sneeze she got so much attention right away, that she's figured out that fake sneezing 's a great way to get it! If you iggy the fake sneeze, then she lets out a little sharp "yip".

The chijuajuas next door are another story. They bark at the sky because it's blue! Funny thing is, though, that despite their endless barking at her when she's in the yard, Cedar has never barked back. she wants to go over and say hi, but she doesnt bark.