Hi folks:

The board was hacked. The problem is now resolved and the bad code was removed by my cool hosting company guys (I could see it in the source code but couldn't find where they'd hidden it in the page files; there are a hundred or more board files and some have over a thousand lines of code!! The hosting company could do their own scan to find it); board updates are also installed.

BTW the hosting company says these exploits generally also take advantage of Internet Explorer browsers if you are on a PC and not a Mac or Linux/Unix... people will get some additional protection by using a browser like Firefox.


If you worry that you may have picked up a virus from my site (or generally), you can download this virus software:


And run a virus scan. There's a lot of nasty stuff going around that you can get *simply by going to a particular webpage*, you don;t even have to open a file to get infected. The way the code worked on my hacked site was: when your browser opened my home page (the index page) there was an invisible piece of code in the page that laucnhed a redirect command -- telling your browser to go to another webpage where it would install a virus file automatically. This file enables the hackers to use your computer to send out more of the same virus, which causes your computer to slow down considerably (a tell tale sign of a virus, worm or trojan like this on your PC).

The best defense is:

1) use a Mac; 99% of viruses target Windows
2) keep your windows updates up to date
3) keep your virus software up to date (eg it should check at least once daily for updates)
4) use another browser than internet explorer -- Firefox or Opera for example
5) you should run a firewall as well as virus software
6) don;t open any odd looking file or click to a link to any webpage that comes in an email from someone you don't know

My deepest apologies if your computer was infected by the Trojan Moo virus. This is a virus that is about a year old so most people should not have had a problem, assuming you keep your virus definitions up to date. If you have *any doubts*, run the scan above. If you have a Mac or are running Linux/Unix, you wouldn't have had any chance of being infected.