I thought a list would give people some ideas of toys to buy and try (or things that you can find around the home).

Here is what Jaspar and Leo especially like:

Things around the home:

1) toilet roll and paper towel roll cores -- they love chasing and eventially shredding the cardboard cores. I have been known to sneak them from the Ladies at work, too -- they have the industrial-strength cores and the dogs really like those as chew toys! Milk cartons (cleaned!) and egg crates are also appreciated.

2) plastic soda bottles. Large or small (small are nice for puppies too). They love chasing these and carrying them by the neck. They skid all around the floor too for extra fun.

Things purchased:

1) almost any squeaky toy

2) soft toys they can shred. When I had only Jaspar, a stuffed toy would last ages and he liked ones with squeakers or other noises inside. Now he and Leo play tug of war with all stuffed toys so they don;t last long but they both are delighted with de-stuffing the things eventuall (very messy but a quick clean up). I buy soft toys at charity shops for them as they don;t last long. Supervise and also cut off any hard plastic eyes or noses etc that could be swallowed.

3) mini tennis balls. Also sometimes sold as cat balls. Petedge.com has them, very cheap, if you are in the US! The perfect cavalier sized ball and they are obsessed with these (but the go under furniture easily and then they will bark til you fecth it out for them).

4) balls or other objects on ropes, that can be thrown and fetched.