This youngish girl (maybe about 2?) was found running through traffic in Dublin last week and I put her into foster while we tried to find her owner. So far, no luck. She is a very sweet, gentle girl who knows sit and down and gets aong well with cats and children. Other dogs can be a little intimidating. She seems to have been a real housepet as she knows exactly what sofas and beds are for (cavaliers); and also apparently had been fed table scraps and isn't too keen on dog food. She is housetrained though had an accident or two before she figured out what was in and out -- after that she has generally asked to be let out like a well-mannered girl. She may have had puppies in the past.

We continue to look for her owners but if they are not found she will be looking for an Irish home. I do have a waiting list but always accept applications; homes will be homechecked before she is homed and she will be spayed as well; a homing fee to cover costs applies. If you are already on my waiting list and are interested in Molly, send me a PM.