I had Ruby and Bailey in my parents all last week. They live in a house that backs onto a forestry.

I had the side of the house blocked off so they couldn't get around the back as we have no fence at the bottom of the garden.

Ritzi and Ginger are so used to it and they never stray as they know where they're bread is buttered !

Anyway, somehow - we're not sure they got around the back and disappeared down the valley.

So I'm in my pyjamas shouting over the back for them and not a noise and I'm going mad... so I have to drive around the back of the forestry. So i'm running everywhere calling them in my slippers. I meet this really handsome man and I haven't even brushed my hair... so I have him and his dogs looking out. And theres not a sign, so i'm phoning friends to come down and help look and its starting to get dark. I'm trapsing through bushes and jumping over thistles and still not a peep. My throat was sore from the shouting.

I get to the end of the forestry to where there is a house and the road begins and I can hear barking and I know its them. So I run up and they've met another dog and are going ballistic. I'm calling them and they're running away from me back into the woods. They're not even listening to me calling as they're having whey too much fun.

I'm running like a lunatic for them before they get onto the road and I think my heart is failing ! I eventually get hold of one and stick on the lead and then another 10 minutes after more running I get the second one.

They are covered from paw to back in mud.... so filthy you would nearly not recognise them ;o) And they think its hilarious, they've had the most fun day in their life and I've had the opposite.

So I just thank god that I managed to catch up with them. If they hadn't have met up with that dog, who knows what would have happened to them. The forestry and fields go on for miles....

So now theres double gates everywhere so they can't escape... little toe rags.... lol