Since receiving some advice about supplementing Cedar's kibble with veggies, I've incorporated peas and carrots to her meals about once a day. She had been getting carrots as snacks; she loves those. She likes to chew them mostly, I think, but she does clean up after herself by eating the little bits that are everywhere. I chop the carrots up when they go in her kibble. She will eat them, but she picks the peas out first. She's even taken to grabbing a mouthful of food, spitting it out on the floor, and then picking out the peas. It is safe to say she loves the peas. The problem seems to be that she stop eating the kibble! She will even leave a pile of rejected kibble on the floor!

She will eat the kibble later, especially if she doesnt get any more food til the kibble is gone. But it certainly has changed her eating habits!

Is this behavior normal for a dog whose diet has recently been supplemented?