I've been lurking for some time, but the time had come to post.

We just picked up Zola from the vet's last weekend after having had her patella groove deepened and the corresponding tendon centered.
She's recovering well (even the vet was surprised the couple of days she was in after the op how quickly she was putting weight on it) and is in excellent spirits.
In fact that's part of the problem. Normally I'm not windy at all, but I'm terribly afraid she will burst her stitches or damage the work done on her leg with her exuberance. Try as we might to get her to be calm, it's proving very difficult. She's not a badly behaved dog, in fact, she is very well behaved, but as I said, she's lively and just wants to play and give kisses ALL the time, when I just want her to chill for the next couple of weeks while she recuperates.
The fact that she's not getting her walks may be contributing to this, we even have to put her on a lead to take her out the back for a pee and a poo.
I'm not sure what I'm asking for, maybe just some reassurance from some people who've had this done in the past?