I had been feeding Dudley Innova EVO for months, I went to purchase
somemore a while back and the uneducated employee scared the
pants of me, (well not in the store)
He informed me it causes kidney problems, I have tried ever other kibble
on the market and he does not seem to eat it he will hold out for 2 to 3 days I decided to try giving him the EVO again and he gobbled it up.
Has anyone in United Kingdom ever heard of this.
I am going to switch him back to raw, which he was originally eating
about 1 year ago. How do I introduce the raw if he is presently just
started eating EVO again ????????????????

I am concerned about just giving him straight EVO as it is protein based
so how do I get the veggies in, I heard that if the veggies are not
pureed the dog does not get any nutrients from them.
I also called the company about the coments the employee said to me
about EVO they advised this is not true. I remember when I was feeding
completely raw, whenever I would take the chill out of his food in the
microwave he took off, that is why I stopped I am thinking of trying
another brand.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.