Forgive me if you have read this already, but I think my post was lost during the server change.

Last night, my daughter and I were standing on my front driveway barefooted in only our night gowns waiting for my father to come save us in 40 degree weather! Why? My STUPID dog!

Has anyone had an experience like this? Although my story is QUITE embarrassing, I bet someone else has had a scare like this. My younger daughter and I were alone last night as the rest of my family went to a ball game. ( We had come in from eating out so the house had been dark.) All the lights were out, and we were eating popcorn and watching a movie. Suddenly, I noticed Scarlett was missing, and I went looking for her. When I walked in the kitchen, I heard Scarlett barking and growling FEROCIOUSLY ( at least as much as she can be ferocious) upstairs. I called for her, but she didn't come. I started to go upstairs, but then I heard Scarlett whining and pawing at a door. This really freaked me out because I couldn't figure out how she could be locked in a room. I mean, how did she get in there? I had just turned in a student because I think I may have seen him selling drugs that day, and I guess I was a little jumpy because this is the first time I have ever been involved in something like that. SO, I called my mom, who promptly freaked out! She begged me not to go upstairs and to leave the house, but I was in my nightgown, and my keys were in the bedroom! So, I told my daughter that we were just going to go outside until my dad could get there. About the time we opened the front door, Scarlett came bounding in the room. How did she get out? Very freaked out, we ran down the driveway with the cordless phone and waited until my dad got there. (My husband said the heat might have turned on and caused the door to close behind Scarlett, and she might have pawed it enough to finally get it to open if it didn't latch.)No more horror movies for me!

Has anyone else had a ridiculous scare like that because of your dogs? It is funny now, but it wasn't then. Anyone want to share and make me feel less like an idiot? LOL I have posted this on another site because I am looking for someone to tell me I am not crazy. My husband has teased me mercilessly!