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Thread: Scared to death! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGMom
    RE: Oh my word! Could you get your local crime prevention officers around? Do you even have them there?

    Tee hee hee! Of course we have police officers!

    LMAO I know you're bound to have Police I meant do you have the crime prevention ones that go round advising you on home security etc - i'm in tears of laughter here at you thinking I meant do you have police!!!!!!!

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    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh that a very creepything to happen to you all....
    i am a big fan of horror movies so i think that anything strange is caused by a ghost..... but if i were you i would call in an excorcist icon_yikes icon_yikes icon_yikes icon_yikes icon_yikes icon_yikes


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