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Thread: A hot spot?

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    Default A hot spot?

    My Sophie, who has been one of the "itchers" of this season, now has a quarter sized spot on her hind quarters that she has licked & pulled the hair off raw.

    I assume that it is a "hot spot" (none of my other dogs have had one)? I have washed it with saline solution to clean; then applied Neosporin. Any other suggestions? Other than she gets so mad when I keep telling her to quit biting it or I put myhand over the spot when she wants to lick it.

    Sheri R.

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    I'm sure someone else will chime in here, right guys?

    Jake gets spots, but not really serious ones, and I do what you're doing. I put a little neosporin on it and hold him in my lap for about 15 minutes so he can't lick it off. It seems to really calm the spot down and it usually much better the next day.
    Loving mom to Jake, Shelby and Micah


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