Our 9 year old "grandma" Penny (our first cavalier) just got back from the vet a couple hours ago after having 3 teeth pulled in conjunction with a cleaning. She is really not feeling well, but that's to be expected after being put under.

When we got her home she was cold and shivering so we microwaved a towel and covered her with that. Then we microwaved a couple rice socks and put them beside her in her bed and covered her up with a blanket. Been checking on her every 20 minutes or so and she is no longer cold, just definately not feeling good.

Penny's daughter Kate has perfect teeth, as do the rest of our crew, so don't know why Penny has trouble. We have always kept on top of teeth cleaning here at home because of the link to heart disease and it must be working, as Penny was clear at the heart clinic last July.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.