Despite my best efforts to control this disease, Rory continues to progress. Scratching, biting feet, twisting, etc. all with increased frequency.

So I decided to schedule the surgery, as I feel it is his last chance to beat this disease. He continues to progress so it's either do the surgery (despite the less than ideal statistics for success) or watch him deteriorate until he starts having screaming "episodes" and can't walk and his quality of life is so poor that I have to put him to sleep. I had so hoped he'd be one of the lucky ones who never progress past an occasional scratch, but it seems we are not so lucky. I know there's a good chance for recurrence of the symptoms, but I'm going into this with my eyes open. And if I didn't do the surgery, I'd always wonder "what if...." So, surgery it is.

I had scheduled it for right after Christmas, so he could enjoy the hoolidays with my family and all the family dogs, but ever since I scheduled the appt last week, he has been getting worse much faster. I felt I was seeing something funny going on with his back legs and had the vet check his reflexes and he is definitely weak and showing decreased reflexes on his back legs - especially his right. That was it. I called the neurologist and asked how fast we could get him in. The surgery is scheduled for this friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
Cancelled all other plans and booked flights up to Seattle for Rory, myself and my husband. Dr. Harrington will perform the surgery on Friday, 10am.

Please think good thoughts for my little boy, and a little strength for me. Thank you,
rory's mom.