This is the first time I've posted with SM Questions, but rerading about Rory's upcoming surgery makes me wonder.

Chaucer scratches his head and chews his feet periodically a lot, even to the point of having scratched his skin raw. But then it seems like an oatmeal bath helps, he slows down and I think its allergies. Now he is reluctant to jump on the couch. We took him to the vet and he was guarding quite a bit all along his back, so the vet thought he may have a sprain. He moved his neck around and he did not even wince. He is better with 5 days of dermamax and rest but not completely his old self. I had been jumping him for obedience, so I thought maybe he hurt himself. I know an MRI is the only way to tell and I'm not ready to do that, as his symptoms do not completely fit. Any ideas from anyone?