Well that naughty little boy of mine has surpassed himself now. He's peed all over my bed - obviously trying to be top dog over Maxx!

I was so angry I made him sleep in the kitchen (was very hard not to go down to him when he scratched the door and cried).

At least it didn't go through to my (fairly new) mattress and stopped at the mattress protector. It's still going to cost me £20 to get the duvet laundered though

I think I was more angry because he was on his own for no more than about 30seconds. I left him lying on the bed and went into the bathroom. Suddenly my youngest yelled me to tell me what Charlie had done and it was still warm - Charlie had run downstairs and was in his basket with his head down and his eyes closed - so obviously I couldn't see him LOL

I showed him the duvet and said 'What's this? What did you do? Bad boy' - he just stuck his nose in the air and I'm sure he was smiling - little s-o-d!

He looks so innocent too....