I have it well sussed this year!!!! my litter is ready to go on the 10th and i am away for a few days early next week, adn my partner and the kids plan to have the decorations up for me wheni return, how stress free is that!!!!!

I love the house with decorations and i have a tree in my porch also light and flashing lights in porch, oh i cant wait, wonder what teh pups will make of it.... my they can poo!!!! i ahve never seen so much poo, but they are so clean as they really try to hold it untill they are out of their bed.....

trying to see if i can get them through the night with no feed in coming few days.... thier breakfast is gone in seconds..... then the shitting machines come into thier own!!!!!!!!!

i will really miss this litter..... they are such fun..... there is one bully! two were asleep last ngiht and he ran and jumpd ont ehm and proceded to take chunks out of thier necks, well teh screams made us all jump, so we took him to other end of room! mind u they can run fast also and he was back where he started before i could sit down!!!!!!!

dorry i digress, but i could write a book about them