Hello all!
I know I've been terrible not updating this board with pictures, but here is my mother's recent litter. The dam is "Evie," and the "kids" were born October 19th. There were only two in the litter (two were lost during delivery, unfortunately) but these two are absolutely adorable little bundles of spunk! The larger of the puppies, the girl, we have dubed "Angie," and the little boy is "Charley."


At a whoping 2 days old:

At 10 days old:

This is one of my absolute favorite photos ever! At 4 weeks, with mum "Evie":

4 weeks old - "Aren't we BIG? We sure feel BIG!"

4 weeks old - Can't you just SEE their little minds working in this one - "As soon as she turns around, I say we eat this tree!"

6 weeks old - All tuckered out:

6 weeks old - Taking time to smell the flowers in the backyard, with "Darby", now 7 months:

6 weeks old - "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!"

6 weeks old - Does this scream "Christmas Card," or what?

Sweet, sweet little Charley: "Who?? ME??"