I was shown how to use a choke chain and up to now have been happy wtih it, as my Dr said i would not bring my dog out for a walk as she pulled and there was a chance of me doing more damage to my already damaged spine.

We used teh choke chain and after an initial few mins of pulling she settled back and it was always slack, so now i got my pappia harness we are progressing on to that, i even got one for Lady, however there was one harness missing fromt eh order adn the medium does not fit Cloe. sent it back to get a large.

I am totally torn about this choke chain as i do think getting it worked for me, but i no longer need it. im happy with my new purchase, or i will be when it arrives!

even as a child minder you are trained to ignore bad behaviour adn reward good behaviour, you just transfer this onto your pet.....