Most of our board members will be aware that Ireland produces enormous numbers of cavaliers in puppy farm situations and also exports them abroad, especially to the UK and US.

You can help us here in Ireland stop this trade, by something as simple as writing one letter to our Minister for the Environment, who is deciding whether to implement a report on regulating large breeders and ensuring dogs are properly bred and reared. This is at least a start to curbing this very serious international problem. Cavaliers are one of the most popular breeds to "factory farm" in these terrible conditions (confined to small cages or dark rooms or cold outbuidlings, often sick and covered in their own and others' urine and feces). You will be helping so many cavaliers that live in this hellish situation.

You can read more here:

I've added a link to the radio programme where vet Pete Wedderburn discusses the issue and also there's a press release with background to the issue and a sample letter