Hi all, I was wondering if anybody finds that their Cav is fussy about their food. Our breeder told us to feed Royal Canin only but Daisy Boo quickly tired of this and we found sometimes we were taking the food up and she had barely touched it. It was obvious in her weight also as she looked a bit too lean for a puppy. I can understand because nobody wants to eat the same thing morning, noon and night so I started to supplement the Royal Canin with poached chicken and we noticed an immediate change. I have also tried her on some poached liver and she has had stewed vegetables and a little bit of stewed beef - always mixed with the royal canin though a smaller measure. The trouble is I am worried about giving her too much protein and not enough of the other nutrients she needs. I notice a lot of people give rice so I may try that but how much should I give? Any advice? Joanna