I was able to get my hands on another gorgeous Cavalier ornament and managed to figure out how to list it on Ebay! (yay!)

Like Maxwell's Mom - I am auctioning it on Ebay to raise money for SM research. It is a 5 day listing so that I can get it to the winner by Christmas! (for international buyers, I will have to look into specifics for how long it will take and how much it would cost to ship, but I am willing to ship worldwide.)

It is soooo cute and already sold out in many stores. (Maxwell's mom can't find them anywhere!)

Please go see the auction here and bid! Every little bit towards research helps. We must do what we can to fight this devastating disease!!


Rory sends lots of puppy kisses to all and thanks everyone for their support!!


p.s. If anyone would like to donate towards research without bidding on the ornament, I would be happy to take donations and funnel them toward the best place. I think Karlin said they really need it for the Genome Project in Canada or for Dr. Clare Rusbridge's groundbreaking research in the UK.