Well, about a week and a half post-op he started scratching again. *sigh*

He's really not scratching at the incision site, so I don't think it's just itchy from that. he's scratching just like he did pre-op: at the top of his head, ears, abdomen, neck. The incision looks to be healing very well.

Karlin said that Dr. Rubridge said this is not very uncommon and I know a lot of other dogs hve experienced scratching post-op and it doesn't necessarily mean the surgery didn't "'work" or help prevent disease progression. We shall just have to be patient and try to remain optimistic! It is hard, though, and discouraging to see him scratching.

I started him on Neurontin to relieve nerve pain and Lasix to decrease CSF, hopefully. So far he is doing well on these meds. Not seeing a ton of reduction in itching on the neurontin, but maybe it needs a while to work. Dunno. I started giving 100mg every 12 hours, per Harrington's recommendations, but yesterday upped it to every 8 hours. I think we'll just see how he responds and decide what is the best based on his response.

But he's still adorable!!!!

Check out his latest pics:

he also got a new blue puffy vest that I will have him model later for pics. I just love spoiling my little man.