I know some of you may pooh pooh this but I am really 'gobsmacked' for lack of a better word!

Today, I took both my boys to visit my Mum who lives a good 2 hours drive away. Whilst I was there some friends of hers, whom I have never met before, popped in to visit her.

Maxx (my SM baby) was laying under grandma's coffee table, 'guarding' her bowl of chocolates on the top (he was actually hoping one might miraculously jump out of the bowl and down on the floor into his mouth ).

The gentleman of the couple sat near to Maxx and then placed his hands about an inch above Maxx's back. He then asked me what was wrong with his spine that was causing him pain . I asked him how he knew that Maxx had anything wrong with him. He replied that he was a spiritual medium and that he'd had a 'message'! He then asked me if I minded if he gave Maxx some 'healing' . I said that I didn't mind at all. He then sat on the floor and ran his hands up and down the length of Maxx's body but without touching him & explained that within minutes Maxx would be asleep and his paws would start to twitch - I thought 'yeah, yeah!'

Well, within a minute, Maxx was indeed snoring and yes, his paws were all twitching together and carried on doing so for a few minutes he explained that Maxx would be very sleepy for the rest of the day but tomorrow he should have bundles of energy.

He has indeed slept for most of the remainder of the day - he didn't even want his evening walk and hid when I tried to put his harness on. I will report back as to whether the energy levels have kicked in tomorrow but he has offered him healing on a regular basis - if I see a difference in Maxx over the next few days then I will definitely be making the journey at least on a monthly basis