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Albany, NY - A poisonous substance has been found in pet food products made by Diamond Pet Foods. The substance, aflatoxin, is found in foods that have made their way to grocery stores in New York State.

The NYS Department of Agriculture released the information Wednesday afternoon.

The symptoms include lethargy, loss of appetite, increased water consumption and urination, bloody vomiting or diarrhea, and jaundice (yellowing) of the whites of the eyes or gums.

In severe cases, aflatoxin can cause death.

Stores have been notified to pull Diamond Pet Food products off their shelves.

Dog owners should have their pets examined right away if they’ve been using Diamond Pet Food Products.

Widely known grocery stores Tops and Wegmans do not sell Diamond products.

Reach Diamond Pet Food at 537-229-4203 for more information. Or, for details and a list of product names, Click Here to get to the Diamond Pet Food Web Site. http://www.diamondpetfood.com/