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Thread: Anna's litter

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    I know you've spoken about how it is at least a consolation to keep one. I can imagine! I feel that way with rescue dogs too -- though I basically focus on how happy the people will be that get the dog (Stephen on this board, being a good example ). And also the fact that three wuld be a swrious handful for me, living on my own! Maybe a third in a year or two. I have had some people wanr about having dogs all too close in age, as while they are young and vigorous now, it means you will have several oldies all at the same time, with perhaps an extra financial burden too as they age, in future. It makes sense to stagger them age-wise I think as my two are close in age (5 weeks apart). So maybe a year or two for a new pup... unless just the right rescue or puppy shows up on my doorstep...
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    Hi Bruce,
    They are all gorgeous. It's just amazing how quickly they develop. I can't wait to see how Twinkle turns out because our breeder was considering keeping her also until her husband vetoed the idea. I wouldn't be into showing as I know absolutely nothing about it but it's nice to have a pretty girl. Good luck with your new litter too - you must really have your hands full now!


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