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Thread: Star's litter

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    Thanks Bruce-

    I think I will start a year in advance!!!

    I would start today but I think we better wait until we retire, about ayear from now. Oh what fun to look forward to!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce H
    Kristen: We bred our ruby Isis about 1-1/2 months ago and it didn't take We'll try again on her next season. Darn stubborn girl

    Dee: Right now we already have 2 people on a list for pups from our next litter. If I were you, I would start looking maybe 6 months before you are actually ready to take a puppy home if you want to be sure of getting one. Most of the reputable breeders have lists. All 9 puppies from Anna and Star were spoken for by the time they were 2 to 3 weeks old. Basically, the well known breeders know who has puppies and will many times refer buyers to other breeders if they don't have anything coming up in the near future.
    I have been waiting for my breeder's Ruby to come into Season, she was
    originally suppossed to be in Season in Novemer nothing December came
    I haven't heard anything. My breeder told me that her sister came into
    Season late and she would let me know as soon as she came in I hate
    to keep buggin her. Is is normal for them to be late ?????
    Maybe she doesn't want to say anything until she knows if it took, how
    long does it usually take before you know if it worked Bruce.
    Ruby Envy, I am definetely staying with the same breeder,
    So is it normal for them to be late coming into Season or can they skip
    it altogether.


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    Yes, they can vary somewhat when they come into season, at least ours do. We usually start watching our girls about a good month before they are due in season. Our boy Cooper is also an EXCELLENT indicator; he usually starts flirting just prior to them coming into season, then it's the crate shuffle game to keep him away: she's in the crate, he's out; he's in the crate, she's out.

    After we have bred a girl, we watch first for signs of change in temperment: more quiet time, more clingy, etc. By the time they are about 1 month along, we pretty much know if they're pregnant, although they have fooled us a couple times. A lot of times we will have an ultrasound done then to be sure and to find out how many puppies there are. Although the ultrasound is not all that accurate of a count, it will definately tell you if there are puppies.

    It may well be that she is waiting to see if the breeding took. It may also be as simple as her being very busy over the holidays. Good luck!
    MysticKnight Cavaliers


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