Please can someone give me some personal experience if they have it???

We noticed over the past couple of days that Gizmo's head is shaking when he starts to fall asleep on our laps.... it's literally like the human condition "parkinsons disease" .. it's only his head that shakes. When he moves the angle it stops.

He doesn't seem to be in pain, isn't off his food, has been wormed + ears appear clean, his toilets are ok and he's generally in good form.
He sleeps in our room and we've never seen him do this before 3 days ago and he only does it when he's lying on us and dozing during the day.

I rang the vet and he just said if it was still like that in a few days to bring him in and they'll run some tests to ensure he hasn't a temperature or ear infection or cold ....

Has anyone else had this with their dog???? If he's still showing some shaking tomorrow we are taking him directly to the vet.

Any info is really welcomed and appreciated !!!!