I took Lady to the vet last night and told him that the treatment for her scratching does not work. And also that she fell off the sofa and hurt her leg and now she sometimes has a limp in her back leg. After examination my vet said that both of lady's legs have luxating patellas. :cry: Im very upset to hear this and feel so bad for her. He said that he does not want to operate on her, that if she seems to be in pain he will give me painkillers and that she would most likely have arthritis later on.

He said because her scratching wasnt causing any obvious pain and she was not breaking the skin, to leave her alone and not to worry. I showed him the SM articles printed off from here and he glanced over them. He said he had not heard of this illness before and she could possibly have it but it did not seem to be severe so he didnt think any further action was necessary.

Am i missing something here? I just felt a bit fobbed off or maybe Im just crazy over my dog. What do you all think?