I am finding it extremely difficult so see my girl in pain with her knees. As i told you she was recently diagnosed with luxating patellas. She is only 1 years old and she cannot bound around like she should be. Either she walks around not bending her knees or she limps trying to hold one or the other back leg up. I have a weeks supply of painkillers but what do I do when they are gone. I cant keep pumping her with them long term. Im heartbroken over her :cry:

Has anyone in Ireland had a dog with her condition and had surgery? How did it go? My vet is adament about not operating but i feel she cannot continue on the ways she is. He did not tell me what grade she has but from my untrained eye they look really bad. She now avoids walking up the stairs and is visibly in pain when jumping off the couch.

How long is the recovery time and should I even be considering it?