Since we're talking about colors...

Last night I was asked to stop into a local pet store (I sorta know the owner) to look at two tri-colored cavalier pups they have to sell. Well, first of all I told my daughter I wanted to break into the store later that night and just confiscate both puppies because they SHOULDN'T be in a pet store. I kept trying to get out of them "what" part of the state the pups had come from, but as pet stores go, they weren't very forth-coming with their guarded information.

Aside from that, of the owner's daughters works there as well and she asked me what the term "ruby red spaniel" meant - was it the same breed as a Cavalier KCS? When I told her it was one of the colors, she stated that she also read in a book there was that particular type of spaniel (ruby red). So, anyone have any knowledge of that?

I'm still contemplating the 'puppy break-in' theory for this weekend. Heck, while I'm at it I might just steal the Cavalier-Shitz Tsu puppy they had too? What are we to do to keep protecting our breed & it's standards?

Sheri Ramirez