I took Dudley for a playdate this past Sunday, he has been to this particular home before. They just recently purchased a new puppy and I was interested to see how he would react with the puppy.

I know that the transition period of introducing a new puppy to your home
takes time, but he showed absolutely no interest at all and when I or my son held the puppy he was upset.

For those of you who have had playdates, and are looking to get another
puppy is this normal, I fear that when I do hear from my breeder that
her Ruby is with puppies that Dudley will have a difficult time adjusting.
This couple's dog also had a hard time adjusting, to the point he got so
nervous he ended up with runny poops and seemed quite nervous.
Although they say now things are starting to change, I worry, I guess I
was expecting more interaction between the dogs.
He did run in the backyard and the puppy followed along with the other dog, but I guess my expectations were too high for the interaction between the 3 dogs.

Any advice would be appreciated

Dudley has been a only baby for 2 years, and has received our devoted attention constantly.
Is it possible for his good nature to change at all, as this I would hate to see.

Thanking you in advance
Linda & Dudley