I'm Lou. I'm a friend of Monica's (Gudrun the Red) and she told me about this forum. She and I are in the same knitting groups. I fell in love with Chester and decided I had to have a sweet dog just like him in my life!

It took a while to convince my husband we needed a Cavalier, but after he met Chester, it didn't take much more convincing. As of Wednesday morning, I'm now a soon to be mom of a beautiful Blenheim boy! He was born 12/15/05 and I think I can pick him up the first weekend in March. I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait that long! I'm about to burst with joy and I cannot wait to bring him home!!!

Monica has kindly loaned me her books until I can get my own so I can do my homework before I get my pup. So, any advice for a first timer would be welcome.

Thank you in advance for welcoming me into your community!