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Thread: Two sites about puppy farms

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    Default Two sites about puppy farms

    Here are two great sites with info on puppy farms -- a big, big industry in Ireland, the US, and parts of the UK -- and our cavaliers are one of the most popular breeds to farm in this horrific way.

    On this site, please read Alison's sad (but uplifting) story of her rescue cavaliers -- one of which had been beaten on the side of the head so hard by the 'farmer' that she lost an eye and her teeth were knocked in; she also had SM and recently had to be released from her pain, after too few -- but much loved -- months with Alison. Alison, thanks for sharing Annie-Belle and Honey-Bee's story through this website.)

    These sites are a reminder of why NOT to buy a puppy without thoroughly checking out the "breeder" (who may actually be a broker for puppy farm dogs, pretending to be a breeder), never considering petshop puppies, and why anyone should think long and hard about breeding a litter or two themselves without full health checks on all dogs involved from the requisite specialists for the breed health issues. We all want our cavaliers to live long healthy lives -- not leave us at 6 or 7 due to poor heart health or other problems! :cry: It is also very sobering to note that Alison has had four cavaliers, of which three have had to be put to sleep due to syringomyelia. All unrelated. :cry:
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    Thank you Karlin for putting this onto your site.

    This work took many long hours, with some of the more painful memories I thought I had forgotton coming to the surface. Somehow that happens when times are gloomy and you are sad remembering a loved doglet or any pet that you have lost.

    Honey-Bee attended the visit to the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK where there is a research paper being done into Curly Coat, she had the conclusive result of the Curly Coat which is yet another genetic condition with the CKCS breed.

    The eyes are now badly ulcerated, sore and weepy and vision is roughly 5-10%, but that is blurred and not good sight, the feet are sore and pads splitting, nails which drop out making walking very painful, the "curly, harsh, thick, brittle coat" is only the tip of the iceburg. this is not a nice condition believe me.

    Honey is however well in herself, happy at home and very pampered! fingers crossed she remains stable for a long while.

    Please, please when purchasing a puppy ask about all these conditions, if you cannot get the answers that you want then MOVE AWAY.

    Conditions like SM, Curly Coat and MVD can be heartbreaking, taking alot of time, attention and the up-most quality of care.

    Ask yourself can you commit to all this before you purchase that beautiful puppy, check the facts, check them all again, but PLEASE, PLEASE do not buy from any part of the Puppy Farm chain.



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