I've always been a pet person too ! Even when I was a young child i used to beg and beg my mom for this pet or that pet ( she's not a pet person) but she always caved I had dogs,cats,hamsters,birds,ferrets,turtles...i think everything except snakes and spiders Ewwwwww !

When my dh and I got married I had to start begging him ....as he grew up with a housefull of poodles and he didnt really care for them . We started with cats and then came Calli ( who is 11 now ) who was our first dog . The more we loved them the more our fur family grew ! My dh is now a avid kitty and dog lover and spoils the furkids rotten ! We now have 6 cats , 4 dogs and our little baby Cavalier on the way ! Its ALOT of work ( I am a clean freak too ....so I vacumn daily and scoop litter boxes twice a day ) but the joy and unconditional love we get from these furkids makes it ALL worth it !