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Thread: Chester has woken me up at 2am for the last 3 nights...grrr!

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    Gizmo did this for a while but he's back to sleeping the whole night through... it's harder for us to ignore him as we have him sleeping in our bedroom and yes we've gone back to letting him sleep on our bed !!! He's just too cute for his own good !! We especially like it when he falls asleep and rolls onto his back and starts snoring !!

    We changed dinner time to earlier and that seemed to work for us ... sometimes if he's expecially thirsty there could still be a 6am trip outside... he trots back and forth in the bedroom and if he really needs to go he'll start nudging our hands to let him out !!! Ah the joy of dogs ...

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    I hope Chester is letting you sleep now. Charlie, our little one usually trots into our bedroom at 4am and nudges his Dad's hand to fuss him. If hubby ignores him then he either jumps up the side of the bed and wallops hubby's arm or he jumps onto the bed, gets in between us and wallops both of us to play with him. I usually just cuddle him in and rub his tummy until he drops back off to sleep again but sometimes I just make him get down onto his own bed as he just won't settle. I think it's the dawn chorus of birds that waken him


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