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    warm aloha to you all. does anyone know of a cavalier breeder in the hawaiian islands? much mahalo for the info vikki

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    I know there is someone who is on one of the breeder lists who seems to be based in Hawaii and was well know to the circle of people on the list. I don't know her name though or if she is breeding or a former breeder. I'd suggest contacting the CKCSC to ask, or the ACKCSC, to get some suggested names. I would be careful though; I was on one cavalier email list where someone had got a pup from a breeder in Hawaii who sounded very dubious; she was homing pups at 6 weeks which is way, way, way too young. I don't know a single reputable breeder who would ever home a puppy at that age, so that sent off lots of additional alarm bells.

    You want a breeder who is showing his or her dogs, to begin with; and you want to ask about the various health certificates etc as well. You may have all that kind of info already but there are some more guidelines in the Library section here. Maybe someone else can recommend a specific breeder; however please always offer names privately via PMs rather than posting directly to the board!
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