Hi Everyone!

Just want to introduce myself- my name is Jackie and my new pup is Buddy- I brought him home 2 weeks ago after years of waiting for the right time to get a dog and needless to say, I am on cloud 9

(Pictures to come- he's 14 weeks and as cute as a button , blenheim, with freckles on his nose)

Anyway, I'm glad I found this forum because I still have so many questions and everyone here seems so knowledgable- I'm relieved really...!

First off, I am wondering if it is common for these guys to poop in their crates this late on- despite what time I feed him and how much of his crate is "closed off"- Buddy doesn't seem to get the whole "don't soil where you sleep" deal- which has been frustrating to say the least. Around what age does this change? (His breeder raised him with a litter box in his crate- which I think is part of the problem).

Also- Leptospira? Breeder says no, but vet says yes- Plus, we live in Philadelphia (next to a park) which is home to many many mice and rats... Buddy got his 2nd booster yesterday and was very sore afterward so now I am especially worried about how he would react to the Lepto.

ANy advice would be much appreciated! Other than the one teany crate problem, I am proud to say Buddy is a perfect sweet little angel!

Can't wait to meet everyone and thanks again!

Jackie and Bud