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Thread: fave dogs names

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    Default fave dogs names

    what are your fave cavalier names for each colour??

    do you like the typical charlie, or toby for a tri or do you like really unusual names??

    what influences your decision on a name?

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    Generally, I like unusual names that have some kind of connection that appeals to me, which is often musical or literary. I don't run into many dogs or cats with the names mine have though every now and then one pops up! It usually takes me a ages to select a name and I have to try it out in my head for a long time before I decide on it. My favourite names tend to be the first or last names of jazz musicians or singers (Quincy my cat is named for Quincy Jones, for example -- I often give foster kittens jazz names... ).
    Cavaliers: Tansy : Mindy Connie Roxy Neasa Gus
    In memory: My beautiful Jaspar Lucy Leo Lily Libby


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