Yes, we're relieved there are no syrinxes, but we're still plugging away for some answers. At this point, she has the malformation, no syrinxes, but still shows symptoms. Dr. Clare Rusbridge has seen cases like this, which means there is something more to SM than just the malformation that can lead to the herniated brain blocking the normal CSF fluid which then creates the syrinxes. She feels it may have something to do with the velocity of the CSF fluid, which would make sense considering we've seen results in terms of less symptoms with Abbey since she's been on Lasix.
Once we get the images back this week, I plan to send them to Clare to have her review them.

Once again, it shows how difficult this disease is in terms of not every case is cookie-cutter and that there is more to it than scratching--not all dogs even have that as a symptom. We've thought about looking at allergies again, but yet we're most concerned about is her front leg trembling and her yelping for no reason, both which would not be allergy-based and the reason as to why we're still concerned about just what it is we're dealing with.