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A tribute to Aled, 6/6/2007 - 5/2/2015

Kate H

Well-known member
(Sorry it's rather long)
Aled came from a Welsh puppy farm. He was intended to be a stud dog but – probably due to low testosterone levels – he wasn’t interested and got handed over to Many Tears rescue when he was 18 months old. I collected him from his foster home near London just before Christmas 2008. In many respects Aled then was like a young puppy – he knew nothing. He had never been for walks or run free in the park, he didn’t know how to relate to other dogs or to people, if I put him on my lap he froze (What are you going to do to me now?), in his second week with us he got a bad cough from meeting traffic pollution for the first time. But he learnt so much from his Big Brother Oliver. If Oliver wasn’t worried about something like fireworks, then Aled didn’t worry; if Oliver thought people were nice, then Aled would give it a go.

So Aled became part of our family. He came to our monthly obedience training days and wiggled his bum at the other dogs. He even won a couple of rosettes in obedience competitions, though it took me about two years to teach him to retrieve, but once he’d learnt he loved retrieving toys in the sitting room. He came on our camping holidays in Norfolk and loved the beach. He visited friends and co-hosted the Cavalier Christmas parties. I loved the way, when I let him off the lead, he ran around in circles and dive-bombed Oliver with such joy. But if I walked him without Oliver he would simply walk at my heel – Big Bro was his confidence.

Healthwise, Aled was a disaster. He came with a grade 1 heart murmur that slowly increased, he had mild CM/SM, an eye problem, and developed quite severe myoclonus. He went into heart failure last July and was not expected to live as long as he did. When he died he was 7 years and 7 months old – the classic age for Cavaliers to die of MVD. He had been with us for just over 6 years, and I am so sad that he didn’t have longer to enjoy life after his bad start. But I am glad that though he started life shut in a kennel on his own, he died surrounded by loving friends and with me stroking his head. Like Oliver, Aled was registered with the Cavalier Collection Scheme, so his tissue samples will help research into MVD and pancreatitis. And when his ashes come back to me I shall scatter them on our favourite Norfolk beach.


Oh Kate, I'm so sorry you lost Aled at such a young age. Too soon. You have written such a beautiful tribute and you gave him such a wonderful life, I'm sure he never remembered his horrible start in life. Rest in peace young Aled. Be at peace Kate knowing you were with him at the end. I'm so sorry.
Kate, I am so sorry you have lost Aled and at an age that we shouldn't have to say goodbye. After a terrible start in life, he knew only love and secutity from you and Oliver.

RIP sweet Aled. *ng*l
Oh Kate I am so very sorry to read your post about Aled. He was as others have said far too young to say good bye to.
You, your family and of course Oliver are in my thoughts...

Sending love and hugs your way
Mel xx
This is the last thing I wanted to read about today Kate. I am so very, very sorry.

Thank you on his behalf for giving Aled such a happy and secure life, free from fear and abuse. R.I.P. sweet little man, knowing how much you were loved.
I am so very sorry to read about your loss of Aled, you gave him a wonderful life, so sad he did not have longer with you. RIP little one.
I am so sorry you've lost Aled. Your tribute to him is beautiful and you are an angel for rescuing him and giving him the best life he could possibly live. (((Hugs)))
I saw the post on Cavalier matters on facebook and commented, but just want to say again Kate how very sorry I am...sleep well Aled <3
This is such a great loss for you, Kate, and I know many here will feel so saddened as Aled has been a part of CavalierTalk for years and years and so many of us will feel like we know him well, even those of us who have never met him. He was also one of the first group of dogs here to be part of our SM discussions --not a happy event or one any of us wishes for, but as you dealt with this condition as well as MVD, your ongoing, shared experiences with Aled will have helped so many others. I certainly learned much that helped me with Leo.

My heartfelt condolences; it seems like we have lost so many of our original dog group here in the past two years.

I've added two images of Aled for you, which now appear in your opening post.