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Alison here.


New member
1st cavalier ruined me and after he passed away (which really ruined me) i adopted two more. Now I spend my days as an indentured servant. I cant leave them without be riddled with guilt because I know they are laying by the door waiting for my return. At the end of the day I ask myself what Ive accomplished. The answer is usually: “I spent the day with the dogs.” Have I lost my mind or do Cavaliers do this to other people too?
Hi Alison and welcome. I think you describe what many owners feel! But I also know from a couple of decades of having dogs now that really, you CAN go out and do things and they'll be perfectly fine on their own especially with a companion dog (true for the vast majority of dogs, really!). Dogs sleep the majority of any given 24 hours and having had a kitchen camera to keep an eye on things when I'm not there, I know the dogs settle pretty quickly and spend time sleeping and occasionally playing. So don't feel too guilty!
Hi Alison! Like Karlin said, as long as they have a companion, they should be fine when you want/need to go out and leave them home. My husband and I work from home so ours is rarely alone. However, we have a living room camera which we use to peak in on them (6 month old Cav male and 9 year old mixed-breed rescue female). They are usually snoozing away or playing with toys while we're gone. :)