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Any SM Cavs with Eye Issues?

Jenn from Cali

New member
I have a 9.5 year old who was diagnosed with CM/SM and treated with surgery at about 4 years old. Lately we have noticed that his third eyelid protrudes further than usual. It comes and goes throughout the day. It doesn't really seem inflamed (red) and we keep thinking it's allergies, but because it comes and goes all day I'm wondering if it may be related to the SM. Has anyone else expreienced eye issues related to SM? Thanks!
Riley has had numerous eye abrasions and corneal ulcers. The ulcers have been very difficult to heal, taking months to a year of three different drops. She can get an abrasion just by looking at her the wrong way too! Her eyes are very fragile. She had her SM surgery at age 6 and has been on steroids (prednisone) since that time. She is almost 15 now, so I'm not sure if the eye issues are related to her SM or chronic steroids or both. She does have difficulty seeing now, but she also has cataracts. She's also an old dog! Which I am thankful for every day.
Good luck with your dog. Your eye issue is not one my cavs have had. Is there an eye doctor near you? Might be worth a look.