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Puppy Beware of puppy sellers and invites to new 'cavalier groups'


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Facebook and other social media sites are awash at the moment with people advertising puppies and posting links to various dog breed groups. If you look at the profiles of people posting they tend to have very few friends or followers and the timelines of the groups are relatively new, not well-established, and will be flooded with cute pictures of puppies and adults -- and with advertisements for dogs. I am aware of people who have been scammed by joining these fake groups and who pay upfront for puppies, then when they go to meet the supposed breeder either they never show up for a prearranged location (this is a huge red flag, to ever be asked to meet in a carpark etc to get a puppy!), Or, the house address and phone number are totally random and the person has no idea about any puppies or dogs, they were just chosen out of the phonebook perhaps. The person meanwhile has your money and is long gone, often with a couple of thousand euro or dollars or pounds.

Please be very careful about such groups and also be aware that people often fake health certs as well as pedigree certificates. In addition, just because a puppy is registered with a national kennel club --ie AKC or KC or IKC-- means nothing whatsoever. People obtain registered dogs all the time to use as puppy farm breeding stock precisely so that they can tell buyers the puppy is 'registered' as if that means the breeder is a good breeder. But puppies are churned out from some puppy farm or backyard breeder.

Research breeders carefully and I always advise starting by going to the puppy contact for the actual CKCS breed club, NOT just accepting that a breeder is so-and-so registered. This won't necessarily guarantee a referral to a good breeder either and you'll need to do your research -- there's advice on www.cavaliermatters.org on health certs and what a breeder should offer to show you.

I'm posting this because I've already caught some of these junk puppy sellers trying to register here. Caveat emptor.